Why Work At Zetech

A career at Zetech University means an opportunity for career growth, exploration of your strengths and the opportunity to work with a highly motivated and talented team. We focus on building a team of people who love what they do and who enjoy helping others develop their skills and talents. We value diversity and give you the freedom to be yourself.

Our staff members are allowed to explore their creativity and suggest new ways of solving complex challenges through:

  • Diversity and Inclusion

Do you long to belong, to be somewhere where you are free to be your true self and show others what you have to offer? At Zetech, we value and respect the different cultures, backgrounds and personalities.

  • Equality and Fairness

Our employees are protected against discrimination and unfair treatment. We have policies in place to ensure zero tolerance to discrimination, harassment, bullying and unfair treatment of employees.

  • Freedom to Explore

Our success story is attributed to letting our staff work on new ideas and explore their creativity. Why not stick to that?

  • Career growth and opportunity

At Zetech, your professional and personal development is of essential value. We have adequate supporting mechanisms to support you in your career development. We focus on getting people who can actively contribute towards the growth of others.

  • Learning and Continuous Development

To achieve our mission, we have to be constantly in tune with the dynamic environment we operate in and ensure our staff members are fully equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to deliver results and make significant contributions to the society. Our training and development strategies are geared towards achievement of transformative learning outcomes.


  • Job flexibility

We give our staff members the opportunity to plan on how to accomplish their tasks and meet their work objectives. Our flexi-time policy allows our staff members identify the most productive and convenient ways and time to work.

  • Appraisals for a Better You

Our performance appraisals are geared to help you become a better professional; we ensure you set SMARTER goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timed, Ethical and Recorded. Appraisal results allow us to reward our staff based on their achievements and contributions in line with our mission, vision and strategic objectives. We recognize the fact that being part of a high performance culture will inspire you to achieve greater heights in your career.

  • Employee Voice – Be heard!

Our team has the freedom to participate in decision making on issues that affect them. We strive for inclusion of employee’s views and opinions as well as utilization of open communication systems.

  • Internal Customer Service

Being a Zetech employee means you are an internal customer to others. We ensure that as a staff member you are valued and treated with the respect you deserve. We engage in continuous improvement of our internal processes for enhanced and timely service delivery to our internal customers through adoption of technology, continuous feedback mechanisms and open communication.